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TaylorFrom: Taylor Timms
Expert Pickup Artist
Tuesday 18th

Dear friend,

Do you want to sleep with more women?

If so, today is your lucky day.

You're about to learn the hidden secrets that are going to transform you into an instant sex icon... the guy who gets all the girls.

I'm not kidding - the secret techniques you're about to learn are so powerful that they are guaranteed to get you laid.

No matter about your age, income or looks, my Forever Laid course is going to reveal the hidden "sex formula" that will make any woman powerless to resist you.

Want To Get Laid Tonight?
Here's A Fail-Proof Way Of How To Do It!

This is where most men FAIL with women:

Most single women actually go out to find partners for sex. Except, they go about it in a completely different way to men. Most men don't know this and try to "seduce" women in totally the wrong way.

Women operate by feelings - they don't care about money, looks or age.

To get them in bed, you just need to make them FEEL attracted to you. You've got to turn on her desire by making her feel special and excited around you.... Buying her a drink and saying "you're beautiful" won't cut it...

My Forever Laid course is going to show you a hidden "recipe" for becoming sexually attractive to EVERY woman you meet.

It works by taking the hidden "sex triggers" that all women have in their brains... and molding them into a simple SYSTEM that turns you into "the guy they all want to sleep with".

What's the biggest "sex trigger" that women FEEL attracted to?????.... Fun

To women, sex is "fun"... sex is an "adventure". To get them to have sex with you, they need to feel that you're fun... so that sex would just add to the pleasure.


Think about all the men who will approach them in the club... commenting on their beauty.... offering them a drink. It would get boring wouldn't it?? It wouldn't be fun.

My secret techniques are going to show you how to be the most fun, attractive man that women find irresistible!


Ever Wondered Why Women Go For JERKS?

It's funny how so many women just go with men who really don't deserve them....... but they're totally happy doing it.

Why? Because JERKS are actually a fun 'adventure' for women.

Women who go out to clubs & bars looking for sex aren't looking for a sugar daddy or a "Brad Pitt" look alike... they are looking for an adventure.... an experience...

Women operate TOTALLY on feelings. And if you appear to be someone who's interesting but a challenge, you will stand a MUCH greater chance of getting with any woman you want...

Getting women's interest is all about providing the FEELINGS they want.... you want to give them the sense that they are working hard to get your love.

They don't want to just click their fingers because that is *boring* for them. You really want "light her fire" by playing with her.... in a way that makes you irresistible to her!


Do You Want To Learn How To Be Irresistible
To All Women?

I love picking up women. Don't get me wrong, there's no disrespect, but I love being able to make any woman fall under my "spell". Now I want as many men as possible to learn the TRUTH about getting women into bed... it's a LOT easier than you think.

I spent 5 long years searching for the secrets of approaching & seducing women. After many long nights and countless hours of research, I finally cracked the code! I found a top secret "formula" for becoming sexually attractive to ANY woman!

I was so pleased that I actually found a method that works will ALL women... that I wanted to see if the "average guy" could use it. So I started to test my methods with 10 men who needed some help with women. I was very pleased to see that every single one of my "subjects" managed to approach more women and
8 men actually took girls home with them on the first night.

Here's what a few of my "test pilots" had to say about my new system:

This is a must read for everyone...

Absolutely astounding! I went from being the high school loser to being an instant hit with women. This book is a MUST READ for anyone looking to get more successful with the ladies.

I slept with 3 new women in my first week using your methods!

James Holden,
Key West

You are a magician!

Are you some sort of wizard!? Your tricks and techniques have actually changed my sex life completely...

I bought your course on Friday morning. I read it all day and used some of your techniques that night.... I ended up in bed with the hottest girl in the whole club!!

Thanks man

Kane Lomax,

You gave me all the answers

Until I read your book, I had NO IDEA about how to "turn women on".

However, you helped me change all that. I was able to approach women and talk to them, but it was never 'sexual'... I was always just a 'nice guy'.

What you showed me has changed my life forever. After using your course, I was able to sleep with 4 separate women in just 2 weeks!!

Thanks man,

Kanye Jones,
Dallas, TX


So What "Secrets" Are You Going To Learn???

This course is NOT your typical "how to talk to girls" BS...

My seduction bible is going show you the secret techniques to seducing the most beautiful women into sleeping with you.

We're talking... from the dance floor to the bedroom here!

No stone is left unturned...

  • The 5 places where you'll ALWAYS find hot single women

  • A simple tactic that automatically turns you into a SEXUAL PARTNER instead of a "nice guy"!

  • Scared of getting rejected? Use this ground breaking technique to start as many romantic conversations as you want!

  • The hidden 'trick' to properly flirt with women.... to ensure maximum chances of getting her into bed

  • Want to "seal the deal"?? Use these top secret "deal closer" lines which will tell her to come to bed.... without actually saying it!

  • The simple technique for appearing infinitely more confident & attractive to ANY woman...

  • A step-by-step guide of EXACTLY what to do......... from the "meet up" to what to do in the "morning after"...

  • Want to meet Super models?? REVEALED.... the one secret which you can use to spark an immediate conversation with ANY woman, especially 'perfect 10' models!

  • The one simple phrase that will instantly turn you into the attractive 'stud' any girl finds irresistible

  • How to know if she's ready for sex........ or if she just came out for a 'good time'.

  • The simple technique that changes any conversation into a steamy "sexual" encounter... which WILL end in the bedroom

  • The one "mind trick" that makes you look as confident as a superstar!

  • The top secret technique to making yourself IMMUNE to any rejection... so you can approach ANY woman you want.

  • Use the "openers" which will set you apart from ALL other men in the club..... making the woman focus solely on what YOU have to say

  • How to compliment a women but not seem desperate

  • The underground seduction tactics to get women head over heels crazy about you... even if she is with friends.... even if she has already been approached!

  • The 1 simple mind-control method which makes ANY woman instantly interested in whatever you have to say

  • The truth about what women find funny - you WILL be surprised here!

  • How to use "physical touching" to turn into the dream guy she's always wanted to sleep with....

  • SEX - how to get her to do it!

  • How to read a woman's body like a book.... and tell what she's REALLY thinking

  • How to take advantage of the sun, sea & sand on holiday!

  • The secret technique that instantly reveals if she has a boyfriend

  • and much, more more!

You can start using my techniques right away, everything is explained in plain, simple English that ANYONE can understand.


Warning: These Secrets Are Not For Everyone!

I'm going to be honest - I am still shocked to this day at the POWER of my methods.... They are so powerful that they can easily be misused.

By using one of my secret techniques, you could easily win over the hearts of all the women in a club...

But I'm not about that. I don't want to help jerks 'trick' women into sleeping with them. I don't want to force anyone to do anything.

So if you continue browsing down this page, you've got to promise me that you'll only use my methods responsibly? The persuasion and 'seduction' techniques I'm about to reveal are guaranteed to get you laid... but if that means bad things then you should refrain from using them.


Imagine Being Able To....

  • Approach any woman and never get rejected
  • Know exactly what to say to get ANY woman sexually attracted to you!
  • Flirt with any woman, making her lust for you unbearable
  • "Seal the deal"...... making her know that you want to sleep with her
  • Know instantly if a woman has a boyfriend or not!
  • Be the life of the party.... and get ALL the hottest women
  • Instantly appear to be a "sexual partner"... not just a "nice guy"

**Act Now & Get Laid Tonight **

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Guaranteed for 60 days!Because I'm so confident in my techniques, I'm giving you a full 60 days guarantee to try out my product. If you don't like it in that time, you can just email me and get a full refund!

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Now you're going to be armed with every trip and trick to make your sex as enjoyable as possible.... for both of you!

This guide is going to show you everything from how to "warm her up" to finishing up. Everything is covered for you.


You Can Start Immediately!

Getting laid by steaming hot women isn't rocket science... you just need to be able to spark the "sex triggers" that ALL women have.

Ever wonder why some guys always have a girl on their arm? It's because they naturally ignite these "sex triggers" from what they say and do.

You're about to learn exactly how to be THAT guy.... the guy who is always the life of the party.... the guy who all the girls love.

My Forever Laid course teaches you the hidden secrets to making any woman feel sexually attracted to you - it just takes doing a few small things.

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Think of all the hot women you'll finally be able to sleep with... just by learning the hidden secrets to getting them into bed.

Don't wait to order - the quicker you see my revolutionary methods, the quicker you will become an instant hit with the ladies!

See You Inside!

Taylor Timms

Taylor Timms, Creator
"Forever Laid" Course

PS - Why let all the other men take the best women? These secrets work for ANYONE... even if you've never had a girlfriend before. Get started immediately to get the best women into bed.

PPS - I look forward to personally teaching you some of the most beneficial secrets known to men. I'm serious - you don't get taught this stuff in school and it's probably THE most important thing you will EVER learn... how to get the best female companion into bed.


Works on vacation!

I was just on holiday and pulled your best line EVER on this hot Spanish girl. She fell for it hook line and sinker and we were working hard under the sheets that night!

Your course is the best. I had the best night ever and it totally rocked out... all thanks to you!

Barry Newman,
London, England

We were up ALL night

I never managed to get women into bed all that often... but your course gave me the methods to do it. After reading just the first few pages of your manual, I was astounded by the level of quality.

I immediately went out and used this in my local club. I spotted some hot girls and used the "3 second rule" to approach them. Boy was I in for a shock - these hot mammas didn't know WHO I was but they loved me!

I got pulled home by the hottest one and we never even went to sleep. I feel like a rock star!

Ken Bradshaw,

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When Do I Receive My "Forever Laid" Course?
A: You get instant access to my product seconds after the order is processed. You get full instructions on the thank-you page, where you get to download the entire product. We use a company called "Clickbank" as our digital retailer and they provide a 100% secure and private service... so your details are totally safe.

Q: What If For Some Reason It Doesn't Work For Me?
A: To be honest, the techniques & methods I have revealed are so intense that they've NEVER failed... however if for some reason it doesn't work for you or you are not satisfied for any reason I want you to get a full refund....And on top of that you have full 60 days to test and decide. Isn't that just great?

Q: How Fast Will I Get Results?
A: One of my students managed to get laid within just 1 day of using my techniques. My techniques work and are highly powerful.

Q: What If I'm A Total Loser?
A: You don't have to have any experience to make this work. You just need to follow my techniques and you will be seducing women right, left and center.

Q: What If I Have Some Extra Questions?
No problems! In fact, that would be even better....

I would love to assist you personally if you have any extra questions. You will be provided special contact details in the manual where you can easily get answers to any questions you might have.

Porn days are over

Don't want to reveal my name but I'm just writing to say "THANKS" for helping me get out of that dreaded cycle of porn watching.

I wasn't very good with women so I became a porn addict - watching it maybe 3-5 times a day. I bought your book because I was starting to feel kinda weird.

I picked up your guide, went to the clubs you told me to and my God was I impressed with how I was easily able to seduce women. It was crazy what they were doing!

Thanks man!


Finally went home with a girl!

I always used to go out and try and pick up girls. I never knew how to get them in the sack... until I read your work!

I just want to say right now that you are officially the GREATEST MAN that ever lived! Your course is just out of this world. I used just one of your "routines" and I was finally able to sleep with a girl!

The advice you gave me about body language was just a life saver! Thanks...

John Fleece,
Alberta, Canada

Now I can talk them into SEX

Wow - I used to be able to "talk" to women but I was never able to get them into bed. After reading 3 of your methods, I was able to approach the hottest women AND 'seduce' one into coming home with me!

It's really weird talking to women, getting the same sexual responses from all of them. Thank you so much1

Kanye Jones,
Dallas, TX

Works on models!!!

I just used your book in my local nightclub and I managed to score with a MODEL! This girl was hot. She was a perfect 10!

All I did was read your book, use one of the techniques you gave me and I was able to seduce the most beautiful woman ever.

I can't thank you enough! She was the best I've ever had.

Henry Jones,
Berlin, Germany


Download The Forever Laid Course

Lost my virginity

I was ashamed of my sex life. I'm 23 and I was still a virgin... I couldn't get anywhere with women... I always felt 'scared'...

All that changed when I read your guide. Not only did you give me some of the best advice of my LIFE... but you also showed me that seducing women is real easy.

Paul Robinson,
Las Vegas

First night = SCORE!

Guess what? Used your tips and on the FIRST NIGHT of going out - I managed to score!!

She was beautiful - a blonde bombshell called Crystal.

Harold Benedict

Not A scam

I am beside myself that something actually came of this...

I was SO skeptical putting in $39 to an e-book. I was positive it would be a waste of money, and there wouldn't even be a book as promised.

PLEASE make it clear somewhere on your page that this is NOT A SCAM and that there are 130 PAGES FOR THIS BOOK, PLUS BONUSES.

I was beside myself.

Thank you so much...

Jonas Prescott,


Works in college!

Okay so I'm in college surrounded by hot babes everywhere.

Only thing is that I'm a total loser with girls. I've never had a girlfriend and just get all nervous...

I downloaded your book and my God was I in for a shock. The techniques and tips you give out are absolute life-changers.

I was able to go from being the lonely loser to scoring EVERY week with whatever girl I wanted!

Thanks man, I really appreciate your help.

Robert Cooper,


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